What is a Superbill ? Everyone Must Know

superbill template

superbill template

When you the last time check your health? Of course, you still remember when your doctor explains your condition. They describe your health while seeing the note on the paper. Yeah, that is a medical superbill  where it is a detail form as the main source. The health care uses it to reflect the service and to make the health claims but absolutely; it has some types and functions. If you work in the health field, you need to master the superbill . This detail information form can use the Microsoft Word and Excel. Perhaps, it looks complicated but actually, it is easy to make. Let’s learn it below.

The Goal of the Superbill in the Medical Health

You, of course, still confused with the explanation above. Hopefully, you will more understand after reading the information here. The health care provider make superbill to create the health service claims. This goal makes the insurance company getting the complete offer before it makes the decision for the replacement. So, all data must be entered into the form in detail. It is such as medical prescriptions, medical card copies, paid stubs, and other supporting documents. In addition, No special time or deadline to complete the superbill. This is because there is no maturity and the use of this form depends on the patient’s condition.

Detail Information in the Superbill

You have read that superbill must contain the complete information. It implies the health care provider should add:

  1. About patients: name, age, date of birth, address, gender, telephone
  2. Insurance details
  3. Name of doctor
  4. About the visiting information
  5. Prevention services in detail
  6. Radiology services
  7. Office procedure
  8. Skin procedure
  9. Laboratory procedure
  10. Information about vaccines
  11. Information about medicines
  12. Signature of the doctor concerned
  13. Diagnosis code on the second page

After the data in the superbill  is complete, the next step is to proceed to forward to the insurance company. In conclusion, this template is to control the medical services provided to patients and applies to every family member.

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