Take Dr. Seuss Hat Idea for Many Events! Why not?

dr seuss hat

dr seuss hat

Nowadays, connoisseurs of animated films are not only children but also adults. In fact, they were willing to follow in the footsteps of the film to the cinema. You must know an American cartoonist, Dr. Seuss. He has created many movie titles such as Cat in the Hat. The shape of a long hat up with stripes pattern has stolen the attention of many fans. So, many people try to make Dr. Seuss hat crafts, cake, and so on. At this time, there is Dr. Seuss hat . What do you think about it? Surely you already have many ideas to make an interesting creation.

Dr. Seuss Hat : Simple but Awesome

Making other people happy does not have to use fancy and even things. You can use Dr. Seuss’s hat to congratulate them. Greeting cards with shapes like this are indeed very simple but there is a deep impression in them. Moreover, this hat has a very beautiful white and red stripe pattern. Give this greeting card both online and directly. Let them see how you really care to them. So you remember their special day (birthday, graduation, etc). If you want to make it in your device, you can draw it with Correll or download the outline. Then, you quite fill the blank space with your message.

Make a Dr. Seuss Hat Craft

Homemade Dr. Seuss hat craft does not need lots of material. The tutorial to make it is not long. For the materials, you just need:

  1. 4 red and white square foam sheets (each color is 2 pieces)
  2. Scissor
  3. Cardboard
  4. Hot glue
  5. stick glue
  6. Black headband

Well, those are the materials to make the craft. If you need the tutorial to make the Dr. Seuss hat , you can search it on the internet. Additionally, you are able to create it according to your imagination. Anything your purpose, make your creation as good as possible and give it to your important people in your heart.

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