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A series of beautiful templates comparison here is Squarespace. If you’re looking for an easy way build an attractive, hosted website, both are worth looking at and it’s a matter of taste which approach you’ll prefer. Of the two, I find IM The song “Adventures in Success” by Will Powers plays in the commercial and Keanu speaks along to it. Keanu used Squarespace to build a website for his company Arch Motorcycle and he used the company’s Camino template to create the site. Squarespace is an interesting entrant in the website-and-blog authoring space. They offer a great array of features for anything from a blog to a fullblown small business website, with a state of the art in-browser editing interface. But despite the fact The hundreds of HTML templates are extremely user-friendly and reliant on but users can connect individual Tumblr sites to a custom domain for free. Squarespace gets a lot of attention — and for good reason. It’s sleek, full of features, pretty We rate and review each of them based on the needs of Small Business Marketers; cost They have a simple drag and drop editor and a large template library to choose from. They host your website for you. They also have email and domain name services .

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squarespace template comparison

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