Note Taking in the Microsoft Words Becomes the Base for Creating Many Documents

note taking template

note taking 

Hi guys! The information technology field never is far from the usage of the Microsoft Word. You always need it to make some notes. The point is this facility has given you a lot of benefits for your job. Even, you use it before you move it in your blog or in the presentation. At this time, you will flashback to the note-taking template.

Why does it call as the flashback? It tells about the note taking word where you always working in it without you knowing it. The location of the word template is at the top. It consists of many options which help your job so much. Of course, you have guessed it.

What is Included in the Note-Taking ?

Word templates are special file types that provide structure and more items such as automatic and macro text entries. They are the basis for creating Word documents. Word templates begin by opening a blank page and then proceed to the next process. Microsoft already has many default templates with their respective functions. However, you can add additional tools or programs in it. By the way, here are the templates in your Microsoft Words:

  1. File
  2. Home
  3. Insert
  4. Page layout
  5. References
  6. Mailings
  7. Review
  8. View
  9. Styles
  10. Editing

The One Examples of the note taking in Word

Each template above still has many options such as the File. When you click “File”, you will get:

  • Save: to save your document
  • Save As: to save your document but it is in a new name
  • Open: to open the document
  • Close: to close your document
  • Recent: to see, check or open the latest document that you have made
  • New: open the new blank sheet
  • Print: to print the document on the paper
  • Save & Send: to save and send
  • Help: give you help options
  • Options: to set the layout and many things
  • Exit: to exit from the Microsoft word

Nowadays, you have really understood about the note taking . Explore all templates in your Microsoft word and learn it again. Certainly, you do not use all facilities and must try all.

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