Make Your Own Map with Excel and Beautify Your Powerpoint with It

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Point your hand if you like geography! These subjects are like taking you to various places in a short time. For example, it comes to a country or other part of the world. Actually, geography does not only discuss it but also other earth sciences. Even so, many students claimed to be most impressed with this one chapter. Through the subject, you often made the map by your hand. Nowadays, you can make it more practical with the map in excel. Apparently, the presence of the map on your smartphone or the computer is very useful. You can use it to find out the new place faster.

Explore the World with the Map from Excel

Recall your fun when you studied geography again. Explore the world with the different way using the Microsoft Excel. Designing a map with excel is absolutely not only about the blank map. However, you can insert the data according to the country inside. By the way, there are two ways to make it such as:

  • XL. feature

You need to install the application in case your device does not have it. The feature serves you to enter the map along with the coordinate, latitude, and longitude. Before you insert it, you must configure the application to the background.  Afterward, you will know how to make and send the coordinate through the instruction.

  • Plugin feature

The plugins are available for free but some are paid. This application makes it easy for you to map locations in Excel directly. With the plugin, changes to data can be directly reflected on the map. Mapcite, Esri, and BeGraphic are the providers which give you Plugin both free and paid.

Use Map on Powerpoint

Show your spirit of nationalism by using a map on your powerpoint. You can create it use the application above or download it from the internet. Definitely, your presentation will surprise all the participants and make the event more alive. Besides you look so nationalism, you also appear smart and creative. Do not you believe it? Prove it!

Okay, that is the discussion about the map . Combine your favorite subject with your IT skill. Perhaps, it will be the new experience in case you never try before. Happy trying!

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