Design your Press Pass on that Faster and Safety

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Journalist, writer, medical officer at a conflict area, photographer, and videographer include the unique jobs. Their job desk differs from the common workers and it seems unclear. However, their job is actually exciting and sometimes challenging. A press pass is their security tool when they have to go somewhere. It is not impossible if they will visit the conflict area or the new place to look for information. Perhaps, you want to know how to design it for your company. Certainly, you can find the press pass application to ease your work.

Tutorial to create the Pass PressĀ 

You might want to set up an official press card printing company. Maybe also, you want to make it in the interest of your own freelancer. Therefore, you must pay attention to a tutorial which uses It is the online website that provides a service to make a custom ID card for many necessaries. Below are the following steps to do:

  • Open the website of and select “Make ID”
  • There is some template design from the blank form. Choose the category where you can use the vertical template.
  • Add images to the front of the badge and text for the back. Do not forget to adjust the image size so the results are good.
  • Check again and print

The Essential of Press Pass on Duty

In fact, the existence of the press pass is very important to them. They can use it for their safety during the duty. With this card, they can cover the news or do the research calmly. There will be no party who considers it an enemy or something dangerous for the area. This card can also help you to save on bag inspection fees at the airport.

Even though you can make your own press pass , do not use it to cheat. Maybe you do not have a job like them but using the card is just to save money. The airport clerk will still know if your ID is fake or unofficial. So, never try or you will have business with the law.

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