Cute Graduation Cap is for a Love that Invaluable

graduation cap template

graduation cap 

Graduation is the most awaited moment for all students or everyone who after passing an exam. It will be proof of their struggle all this time. What you are going to do if one of your friends or kids getting this moment? Of course, you will give congratulation to them directly both directly and with the greeting card. Well, do it more special such as with the graduation cap . This idea seems very good and appropriate for their moment. Here, you can create it alone by hands or use the graduation cap template printable.  Would you like to try all ways? Show all of your skill with some ideas below.

Make DIY Graduation Cap to show your attention to them

Giving congratulations is proof that you care deeply about the people around you. Certainly, it will look very sincere when you make it with your own hands. You need to pass 4 steps such as below:

  1. Preparation: 12 paper sheets in 12 inches, 6 color cardstocks (6 inches), 1 black memo paper, mini black brad, bone folder, X-Acto knife,  mat scissor, double-sided tape
  2. Fold the outer structure: To make the body of the hat
  3. Make the tassel
  4. Finish it with color and text

Actually, there are a lot of designs to make this greeting card. You will find it easily with more creative shape or outlook. On the other hands, you are not wrong if you use your own idea.

Send your love to them who far from your

Internet always serves everyone and connects a relationship from the far place. If your partner, friend, or sibling that study abroad or out of town, you can send it via the internet. Surely, they will be surprised and flattered. If your interest to do? Open your device and start to make it. You can make it or get an outline from the internet. Afterward, edit and give sweet words. Then, send it!

By the way, make the graduation cap is easy and does not need many materials. Even, you such as do not need anything when you make it on the internet. Yeah, try it and show to them that they are worthy for you.

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